Poop Facebook Smiley

Facebook has added a little dirty new emoticon, you can insert it with this shortcode:

Poop Facebook Emoticon


It inserts, obviously, little brown poop emoticon. Not very nice but a must have in some situations.

Do you like this smiley? Do you have any other suggestions for new Facebook smileys? Tell us about it in our comments section.

64 Comments to “Poop Facebook Smiley”

  1. :poop: lol :)

  2. poop. :D

  3. lol

  4. :42:

  5. how do i get these on my cell phone. thank you

  6. My friend sent it from her iPad, where it was visible, to my Samsung Galaxy S5, where it is not visible.

  7. :poop:

  8. We you

  9. :poop:

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