Facebook Peace Sign

Lot’s of people are looking for Facebook peace sign, so here it is: ☮. Here is a larger version:

There is no easy way to insert peace sign only using your keyboard, easiest way is to Copy and Paste it. The procedure is like this, select the symbol with your mouse, when it is selected right click it with your mouse. Now go to your Facebook profile and right click on the Status input box and click Paste from the menu. Now you have peace sign into your status.

You can use the same procedure for inserting Facebook peace sign into the comments, chat or anywhere else on Facebook.

19 Comments to “Facebook Peace Sign”

  1. -—▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒

  2. i cant even see the peace sign! it is just a square for me, why?!?!

    1. bcuz u need to install a font that supports the peace sign.

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