Facebook Memes are shortcuts for Facebook chat which when entered transform themselves into icons. List of icons is shown below. These shortcuts can be entered only into Facebook chat or private messages. If you enter Facebook memes into status or comments nothing will happen, your friends will see only shortcut code. It is important to mention that your friends don’t need to install anything in order to see these memes, everybody can see them. This is the collection of Rage Comics memes.

Troll Face Meme Troll Face [[171108522930776]]
Me Gusta Meme Me Gusta [[164413893600463]]
Yaoming Meme Yaoming [[218595638164996]]
LOLOLOL Meme LOLOLOL [[189637151067601]]
Poker Face Meme Poker Face [[129627277060203]]
Forever Alone Meme Forever Alone [[227644903931785]]
Okay Meme Okay [[100002752520227]]
Like A Boss Meme Like A Boss [[105387672833401]]
Challenge Accepted Meme Challenge Accepted [[100002727365206]]
Derp[S] Meme Derp[S] [[224812970902314]]
Are You F* Kidding Me Meme Are You F* Kidding Me [[143220739082110]]
Feel Like A Sir Meme Feel Like A Sir [[168040846586189]]
Not Bad Meme Not Bad [[169919399735055]]
Mother Of God Meme Mother Of God [[142670085793927]]
Cereal Guy Meme Cereal Guy [[170815706323196]]
No Meme No [[167359756658519]]
Derpina Meme Derpina [[192644604154319]]
Not Bad Obama Meme Not Bad Obama [[169919399735055]]
FUUUU Meme FUUUU [[145768898802324]]
Y U No Meme Y U No [[106043532814443]]
Nothing To Do Here Meme Nothing To Do Here [[110866125664747]]
It's OK Meme It’s OK [[148578318584679]]
Watch out, we got a badass over here Meme Watch out, we got a badass over here [[WeGotABadassOverHere]]

For more Facebook memes please visit www.facebookmemes.net.

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  1. Some won’t frigging work

  2. [[164413893600463]]

  3. [[171108522930776]] [[164413893600463]]

  4. :p [[f9.kiss]]

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