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You are at this moment probably sitting at your school and wondering how can you go to Facebook and avoid the Facebook block on this computer. Well it is very easy, just keep reading.

But first you need to know that some schools forbid people to go to Facebook because it is waste of time, and they hate it so much that they can punish people who go to Facebook. So if you go to Facebook you do it at your own risk, don’t say we made you do it, this is simply informational site, we don’t know anything about school regulations. It would be best to first ask your teacher if you are allowed to do that.

This trick is not guaranteed to work in your Facebook school, it depends on your school’s level of security and a few other factors. The first trick you should try is to go to a proxy site and try to access Facebook through proxy. Proxies are sites that will hide your ip address, but in this case they will mask real Facebook url and since facebook.com domain has probably been blocked – your network security won’t see that you are actually on Facebook. Well it depends on type of security…

There are thousands of proxy sites out there, some of them can also be blocked at your school but they can’t block them all because new proxy sites are created daily. Here are some of them:
– http://hidemyass.com/
– http://proxify.co.uk/
– http://www.gounblocked.com

If you know other trick how to go to Facebook from school please share it with us.

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  1. i would like to get everyone to go on facebook/youtube in school

  2. get facebook in school

  3. get youtube in school

  4. hi but my school has blocked a lot of websites and so nun of these worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. did n’t work school blocked all those pages

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